Three Things you are Doing that are Causing you Heel Pain

Do you have heel pain? Are you worried about getting heel pain?

Here are three things you have may be doing that are causing you heel pain, or put you at a great risk for developing heel pain.

Person in Blue Shorts Sitting on Gray Concrete Floor

  1. Walking Barefoot

    • Barefoot walking can increase the stress and strain that is put through your feet and cause areas of your feet to become irritated and inflamed, leading to pain. Don’t walk barefoot at home. Have a designated pair of supportive sandals that you wear at your home.

  2. Not stretching your calf

    • One of the main drivers of foot and ankle pathology are tight calf muscles. Tight calf muscles can change the biomechanics of how you walk, therefore increasing stress and strain through your feet, resulting in areas of pain. Make sure you are stretching, and your muscles are not too tight, especially those calf muscles!

  3. Not wearing good supportive shoe gear.

    • Wearing shoes that support your feet is very important to help treat heel pain. Make sure you are wearing good supportive shoes and orthotics to keep your foot pain at bay.

Full body satisfied young female athlete in activewear sitting on floor near folded fitness mat and tying sneakers before training while looking down with smileI hope you found these tips helpful and you are not doing any of the above!