Flat Feet

Why do my feet hurt?

Do you wonder if you have flatfeet that may be causing your pain?

What are flatfeet?

Flatfeet are feet that have lost or have a decrease in their medial arch, causing the foot to appear flat like a pancake when standing up. Flatfeet are normal for younger children to have, due to their internally rotated tibia (leg bone). However with time, the tibia will begin to externally rotate and create an arch! Flatfeet are driven by the bones in your feet becoming misaligned and are often driven by tight calf muscles, which is why it is important to stretch out your calves!

What if my flatfeet don’t hurt?

Flatfeet can lead to tendonitis and arthritis, which is why it is important to get your flatfeet checked out earlier rather than later. Along with stretching, it is important to have orthotics to support your arch, provide stability and support to the tendons and ligaments struggling to keep your arch from collapsing. Our offices can provide custom-made orthotics for your flat feet!

I have flatfeet too, and I know that they can be really painful and inhibit the activities you want to accomplish, whether it be taking a walk or playing competitive sports. As someone that has dealt with flatfeet for years, I know it is really important to take care of them to minimize my foot and ankle pain.

If you think you have flatfeet and would like to discuss whether or not you need to do anything for treatment, come and see me today! As your Podiatrist, my number one priority is your foot and ankle health. I’ll do my very best to get you feeling better and back on your feet! Call us today! 

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