Cavus Foot (High Arched Foot)

A cavus foot type is a foot type that has a high arch. The high arched foot places a majority of body weight on the ball and heels of the foot. This foot type can lead to foot and ankle pain.

A cavus foot type can be inherited and be present throughout life. However, there is also a type of Cavus foot type that will result due to a neurological disorder. This type of cavus foot will progressively worsen over time. If the cavus foot type is progressively developing over time, a neurological assessment needs to be done.

Symptoms of Cavus Foot Type

  • Hammertoes or claw toes
  • Pain the ball of the feet or heel
  • Pain along the peroneal tendons or ankle because of the heel leaning inward.

Photo from Pexel by Alicia Zinn

Conservative Treatment Options

  • Good shoe gear and orthotics. Proper shoes and orthotics to support your foot and re-align it in the proper position.
  • Braces. To help stabilize the ankle if ankle pain is present. 

Surgical Treatment Options

If conservative treatment options are not enough to improve pain, surgical treatment can be offered. Surgical intervention will likely involve cavus foot reconstruction in order to lower the foot arch. At Serenity Foot and Ankle Specialists, we will discuss all of your surgical treatment options in full and determine the best treatment plan for you together.

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