Custom VS Over The Counter Orthotics

Custom VS Over The Counter Orthotics

What is the difference between custom and over the counter orthotics?

Well, over the counter orthotics are made based off of the “average foot”. The quality of the orthotic varies based on the company that manufactured them.

Whereas, custom orthotics are made for your foot exactly. When they are made for you, your biomechanics, how you walk, and your pathology causing you pain are taken into consideration. Custom orthotics will tend to last longer than over the counter orthotics.

One advantage of having custom orthotics are all the modifications you can make to custom orthotics!

  • You can use all different types of materials on custom orthotics. The top cover is the material on an orthotic that will touch your foot. This can be made out of material that can add extra cushion, or wick away moisture, or be like a memory foam pillow!
  • You can also add offloading devices to custom orthotics. What is that? Let me explain, an offloading device helps take the pressure off of a certain location of your foot. For example, if you are having pain under your 5th metatarsal head, a custom orthotic can take the pressure off of that area by building material around the painful area so that nothing is actually touching the painful area when you walk.
  • Custom orthotics can also be made to help bring your foot into a neutral position, thereby helping to alleviate pain and allow your foot to function in a more natural way.

There is a lot more you can do with a custom made orthotic versus an over the counter orthotic. From the material being used, to the way the frame is built.

Over the counter orthotics can work for people, but will involve a lot of trial and error because you don’t know which ones will work for you. Whereas custom orthotics are made for your feet and modification can be made to accommodate your needs.

I recommend custom orthotics to my patients often. They can make a huge difference in your pain and the alignment of your lower limb.

If you have questions about custom orthotics, or are interested in getting a pair, call 847-380-3700 for schedule and appointment today!

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