What Pair of Tennis Shoes Should I Wear?

What Pair of Tennis Shoes Should I Wear?

Have you ever had foot or ankle pain and wondered if your shoes are the problem? Do you feel like your foot hurts more with a certain pair of shoes and not others? 

If you have ever wondered any of these questions – keep on reading! 

A good functional shoe is not always cute….but sometimes when you are in pain that not so cute but functional shoe will help you get to where you want to be. 

So what should you be looking for when tennis shoe shopping? There are generally three things to look for: 

1- Firm heel cup. 

– What is that? A firm heel cup is one that does not easily collapse when pressed side to side 

2- Rigid shoe 

– How do you know when a shoe is rigid? It should not be able to twist like a towel and should not move in the arch. 

3- Flexible toe box 

– This means that the shoe should move where your toes sit 

But there is good news! There are many brands of shoes that carry a good functional shoe – that can look great as well! 

The above shoe works for most people in helping alleviate foot and ankle pain. However, every person and every foot is different. 

If you are having foot or ankle pain, your shoes may be the problem! Come in today for an evaluation and I can help determine if your shoes are right for you. If they are not, I can point you in the right direction for choosing the right pair of tennis shoes for you! 

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