Chronic Ankle Instability

Chronic Ankle Instability

Do you feel like you roll your ankles all the time? When you’re playing sports or being active, do you feel like your ankles twists or give out on you? You could have chronic ankle instability. 

What is chronic ankle instability?

Chronic ankle instability is when you roll or twist your ankle or your ankle “gives out” frequently. Chronic ankle instability can cause repetitive ankle sprains over your lifetime. An ankle sprain is when you tear or stretch one of your ankle ligaments. We have twelve ankle ligaments that help provide stability to the ankle joint. When you roll your ankle, you have the potential of injuring one of these ligaments. Ankle sprains are a very common injury in sports and account for 40% of all athletic injuries, especially in basketball, soccer, cross country running, dance, and ballet. This type of injury often happens during activity, when landing from a jump, running, or stepping off of a curb incorrectly. However, this can also occur when simply standing and your ankle just “gives out.” Chronic ankle instability can also affect your ability to balance. 

Is it a big deal if I don’t do anything about it?

This is a very common condition and when not treated properly can lead to bigger problems, such as more frequent ankle sprains,  osteochondral defects, arthritis, more strain on your ankle tendons and ankle instability. It is very important to get these types of injuries treated early. 

If you are constantly rolling your ankles or have ankle pain, come see me today! As your Podiatrist, my number one priority is your foot and ankle health. I’ll do my very best to diagnose and treat you the same day!

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