Should I Wear Flip-Flops?

Should I Wear Flip-Flops?

Are flip flops good for your foot and ankle health? Are flip flops something I should or should not wear? Are there flip flops that are good for your feet? If you have ever wondered any of these questions, please keep on reading!

Flip flops in the traditional sense are usually a flat surface with a thong strap. This is not supportive for your feet and ankles at all. 

In general, you want your shoe gear to have arch support, a firm heel cup, and generally more rigid than flexible. Flip flops do not have any of the above. You may notice that after wearing flip-flops for more than an hour or so, your foot and/or ankle become painful. This is because flip-flops do not provide the support that most people need. 

There is good news! You do not have to wear gym shoes all the time for your feet to be comfortable and breathe! 

There are some companies that make sandals that are supportive but are also not enclosed, so your feet can breathe. 

These sandals have arch support, deep heel cup and are more firm than flexible. 

Some companies that have a good alternative to flip flops are Birkenstocks, Clarks and Vionics.

If you have more questions about the type of shoe gear you should or should not be wearing, come see me at Serenity Foot and Ankle Specialists! 

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