Are My Child’s Feet Normal?

Are My Child’s Feet Normal?

Do you ever look at your child and wonder if their feet are too flat? Why do they walk on their tippy toes? Why do they seem to point their toes outward when walking? Do you every wonder if that is normal? If you ever ask these questions – keep on reading!

Our bodies are adaptable and go through amazing changes as we grow and age. Our lower limbs, go through one of the most astonishing changes in a young child’s life. As a child grows, normal lower limb alignment changes occur, so they may appear knock-kneed or bowlegged. 

Here are some normal changes a child’s lower limbs will typically go through during development:

  • Around 2-3 years old the legs start to look more like knock knees, will have a wider stance and lower center of gravity. 
  • At about 6 -7 years old the knees should have a straighter alignment and be facing forward.
  • Around age 12 – 13 years old, they have grown into what will be their adult alignment. 
  • If your child’s lower limbs are asymmetrical – further evaluation may be required. 

Most likely, your child’s lower limb position is normal! However, if you are still concerned or would like to discuss your child in particular, please come see me at Serenity Foot and Ankle Specialists

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